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Safari Zone

Dom_Senshi CASeason 2Judge posted Jun 12, 14

Hey Guys, 
I'm glad to announce that we finished working on the Safari Zone and it is now ready for players to explore. The zone is on the Hub Server and is filled with various Pokemon. You will find Pokemon you wouldn't normally see on the Adventure Server as well as a few other Legendary surprises!

Players will need to purchase Safari Tickets from Safari Pete in order to enter the Safari Zone (Ha ha!). The tickets will allow players access to the Safari Zone for 4 minutes. Players will be warped out of the Safari Zone when their time is up, so make sure you're well prepared before you go in! You may want to keep a few Master Balls on hand in case you run into something unexpected. 

Safari Tickets will cost 200 Poke Coins each. Master Trainers will also have access to the /safarizone command to access the zone once every 18 hours. 
*Please remember that we may end up changing the price of the tickets in order to balance the game.*

- Dom

Survival Frontier Spawn Event

Dom_Senshi CASeason 2Judge posted Jun 6, 14

Hey guys! 
Tomorrow is the big day for the Iron and Coal server! We're very excited about finally getting out of beta tests and we wanted to pass along a special event for the Survival Server. 

Starting tomorrow at 3PM EST we will be configuring the Survival Server to follow the same spawn settings as our Pixelmon Frontier YouTube series. This will mean that every Pokemon besides legendaries will have the same chance to spawn. You will see many Pokemon out in the wild that you normally wouldn't. Start stocking up on those Pokeballs!

The event will run from Saturday June 7th 3PM EST until Monday June 9th 9PM EST.

- Dom

Region Map Part 1

Dom_Senshi CASeason 2Judge posted Jun 4, 14
Hey guys,

A few people were looking to make a guide for IRON and COAL Adventure Server and I though that having a map of the region would make things a lot easier. Enjoy!

Large Image: Here

Official Server Launch!

Aphmau CA posted Jun 4, 14
The Iron and Coal server has been in beta for quite some time; during that time we have resolved many bug issues both big and small. We realize the server still has a ways to go and there will always be some minor bug issues that may arise - we will work hard to resolve those issues. However, we are now confident enough to say that we will officially launch the server!

The Iron and Coal server will be coming out of the beta stage this Saturday, June 7th! To celebrate the official launch we will be Live Streaming on the server during the launch date @8PM EST via YouTube! Come join us; we will see you there!

Hey guys!
Semi big update here!

Castor's Steak House has spiked in popularity due to some awesome server parties and that has attracted some familiar faces to stop by to see what all the fuss is about.

Also, in a semi serious note, I have been hard at work this week to create two small custom server side mods for IRON and COAL. One that will convert a players existing Pokemon to to a Shiny Pokemon on the fly and another that allows players to access the Pokemon PC remotely via the /pc command. They may seem like small features, and they are, but they're a big step for us to be able to create new content for the server. All of us are very dedicated to making the IRON and COAL server one of a kind. 

As for the store changes...:
 The /pc command has been added as an additional feature to the Elite and Master Trainer Ranks. 
 The Berry Master Kit has been added for purchase.
 The Shiny Dice Roll has been added for purchase. 
 Shiny Conversion has been added for purchase. 

I am especially fond of the Shiny Conversion feature because players can hand pick what Pokemon they want to make into a Shiny Pokemon. That means you could wait until you get the perfect Pokemon that is the right size and nature before you make a choice.

Do you have any ideas for new features or content you would like to see on the IRON and COAL server? Let us know!

- Dom
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