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Away at PAX East!

Aphmau CA posted Sun at 10:25
This past weekend we've all been away on vacation at PAX East; I was supposed to make a post about this when we arrived but my goodness... things got busy quick! Next thing you know, it's the last day of PAX! (Wow...) 

While we've been away we've been acquiring a few new servers to improve performance. We will be resuming work on the server(s) and responding to technical issues on Tuesday [Apr. 15th]. Until then stay tuned! 

Also... I got this at PAX East - it's a backpack.

Minecraft Is Down!

Dom_Senshi CASeason 2o posted Apr 8, 14
Just a heads up, the minecraft authentication servers have been down for about 90 mins now. This means that everyone will most likely have issues trying to connect to any premium minecraft servers while they are down. 

- Dom

Results of the Stress Test

Aphmau CA posted Apr 5, 14
Tonight we had our first ever Stress Test for the Iron and Coal server.
Many of you came out and supported us, for that we are very thankful to you! However, as many of you saw there were many technical issues with the server(s) that caused them crash. This is something we were anticipating, but didn't expect to happen so soon. Over 1500+ people were attempting to log in at a time, it was crazy! 

This test helped us to identify issues that could affect launch; rest assured we're hard at work on getting them resolved before we officially launch the server - you coming out was not in vain! 

Thank you all so much for coming out, we do SINCERELY apologize that we couldn't stream for as long as we had originally planned - but we will aim to do so next time! A special big thanks to all of those who were understanding and encouraging during the chaos.

Thank you all! 

Tonight the Iron and Coal server will be opening up for a Server Stress Test to everyone from 9PM-11PM EST! During which we will be Live Streaming via YouTube! Are you guys as excited for the Iron and Coal Stress Test as we are? We hope so, we have a feeling it's going to be hectic! 

A "Stress Test" is to see how well our server handles many people on at once. There is a chance the server might go down, but be patient - if this happens we will have it back up as soon as we can.

Keep your eyes on this site for updates, see you beautiful peeps tonight! 

Here is the connection tutorial! 

Jammy's Furniture Is No More!

Dom_Senshi CASeason 2o posted Apr 4, 14
Hey guys,

We have just finished our two week long mission to convert the entire Hub and Adventure maps from Jammy's Furniture to Mr. McCrayfish's Furniture. It may not seem like a big deal but it is. The extra Jammy configuration was causing connection issues for a lot of the beta testers.
The gist,
You no longer need Jammy Furniture installed in order to connect to the Iron and Coal server.

Stay Awesome,
- Dom
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